Retirement Planning Ebook


Taking the mystery out of Retirement Planning ebook.

Helping You Put Time On Your Side

Getting started today will help you put time on your side. To help, Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning offers a simplified, bottom-line approach to figuring out just how much you may need when you retire. The worksheets in this booklet will provide a guesstimate. Regard them as a starting point.

Each chapter in this booklet asks you to chart a different part of your financial life - your savings and your expenses - and helps you project future costs and savings well into your retirement years. Of course, no one has a crystal ball, and life has a way of throwing changes our way. But getting time on your side now, before you retire, means you will not be awake at 3 a.m. worrying about, instead of planning for, the future.

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Tracking Down Today's Money
  • Chapter 2 - Tracking Down Future Money...At Retirement and After
  • Chapter 3 - Tracking Down Future Expenses
  • Chapter 4 - Comparing Income And Expenses
  • Chapter 5 - Five Ways To Close The Gap
  • Chapter 6 - Making Your Money Last
  • Chapter 7 - Tracking Down Help For Retirement

How To Use This Booklet: Simply read it to get familiar with retirement issues. Better yet, fill out the worksheets to figure the dollar amounts of what you have, how much it will grow in 10 to 15 years, and how much you may need to last over a 30-year period. Remember these amounts are only estimates, and you will want to update them from time to time.